Respect King
He and She

Underground in the subway station, opposite the escalators, in the midst of Bangkok’s bustling crowds where countless people. Ignorantly live in their palm-sized worlds, stood a woman and a man,facing each other, containing their thoughts and words.

Neither blinked nor moved; their eyes were wide-open, pupils dilated; they somehow paving a path to each other hearts and tying their souls together. As if engulfed by a bubble, they were completely separated from the happenings of the outside world – their surroundings were fading to grey, noise was softened until silent, and from each other perspectives it looked like the other was spotlighted and glowing.

‘Well…’ the man paused. His left hand was wrapped around a metal tube handrail beside him – squeezing, shivering, and revealing all his muscles, tendons, and veins. His eyes started to stray off the target and began to oscillate, left, right, up, down, tangled, eyelids shuffled rapidly.

And his lips moved in a jumbled motion.

‘’Well,’ the man began. ‘We err… we’ve out been quite going, no no!’ he muttered,

‘We’ve been going out together quite a while, yes?’ he complete the sentence as well as focusing his sight on her again.               

“Ahhh…yes” she nodded.

The man breathed in a good amount of air, “what would you think if we err… if we,”he said and paused. Meanwhile, the woman stopped nodding, rotated her head slightly, and turned her right ear towards him so she wouldn’t miss a word. Her eyes opened widely.

Breathing in a great lump of air, “would you be my girlfriend?” he asked.

For him, everything froze; the air went frigid, the surrounding motion grinded to a halt, and time stopped. But he, in turn felt like he was burning; his heart was pounding fast, his face went red, his palms were sweaty, body shook, and a million thoughts flushed in. Still there were no replies to be heard. As if a year had passed, she answered “fine”. By this confounding response, the man was started, and his brows fused  together, and hesitatingly he asked, “Ar…wha, what do you mean by ‘fine?’ A yes or a no?”

“It’s yes,” she replied quickly.

“Phew,” he sighed, smiled, nodded his head and said, “Thank you.”

For the first time after a tense event, the man took his eyes off his girlfriend and swept around; now people  were moving harmoniously, smiling, and giggling; noise became music to his ears, and the surroundings were filled with vibrant colors. It was a joy. Truly.   

Kedith Sawangsri is a dreamer and a hacker. While others are using devices, he uses his imagination to move the opposite direction. While others move horizontally, he moves vertically.

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