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English for advanced learners includes 5 Levels to perfect the English you have learnt and navigate you to comprehend the rudiments of English language to push your English communication abilities the fullest potential. This programme includes two stages –Milestone and Mastery with 5 learning levels to master your English skills.
Beginner's levels

Lessons on Levels

Milestone levels
  • Learn to read, write and summarise business reports.
  • Learn how to make an effective CV and cover letter
  • Learn to conduct oversea phone calls.
  • Learn how to negotiate between businesses.
  • Learn the difference between formal and informal behavior in business.
Milestone levels
  • Learn to networking professionally.
  • Learn to make an analysed and dive-deep presentation about business plans and any other related project.
Once complete these stages you will speak very similar to native speakers and communicate in a natural way.
Use English in the professional context, understand the differences between cultures.
Fully understand the business
Competence in holding professional and important business meetings and be able to use the nuances of the English language to combine formal and informal expressions.
Effectively comprehend complex business reports, medical bills and prescriptions, handle international phone call and make a quick responses and richer expressions.
Bring your English proficiency to the fullest potential with our English for advanced learners courses.

Our students
We recommend our courses for people who are over 15 years old with a good English proficiency and with the purpose to gain better knowledge, confidence in speaking English in professional practices.

Course Durations
You have to attend a class at least 1.30 hours/day, or 3 days/week, and effectiveness guaranteed after 3 levels (approximate time to finish is around 2-3 months/course depending on the individual). If the schedule isn’t compatible with your time, no problem. We offer you an easy way to learn on the internet anywhere anytime with our English Anytime.
We are passionate about making sure we are teaching English in the best way. Our levels are aligned to the internationally recognised Common European Framework for Language Education (CEFR).
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